How Did They Do It?

Do you ever wonder how your score can be so different from another player? Now, you can compare your score to another player. Go to Leaderboards > Prev > Tap a Name in the Top 10

  • You can look at your previous day’s games. Other players can ONLY see another player’s scores when the player is in the top 10
  • You can view your hands compared to any player in the top 10
  • Your hands will be on the left column; the other player is on the right
  • As an example, on the screenshot, for hand #5, Mike and Cathy both called for two but based upon how it played out, only one of the players made it.

Two Bids Work:


A two bid: these two screenshots show how these players made it to the top 10 with a 2 bid, enabling Carol to call 2, while most players bid 3 and missed out on

code enhancements

Sponsor a Player Enhancement

Contact us using the form to let us know of a code enhancement you are interested to sponsor. See below for some of the sponsored enhancements that you can start using.

$20 for a single basic change

$50 for three basic changes

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Sponsored Enhancements

  • Trump With Lowest: Carol will play the lowest card when trumping
  • Right Bower to Open: Carol must have the right bower to bid the suit she bids
  • Don’t Trump My Ace: If you are winning a trick with your Ace, Carol won’t trump in
  • Need 3 to Signal: Carol will only signal if she has three or more cards in the suit. This related to trumps, no trump and low no trump
  • No Call-for-2 NT or LNT: If you activate this, Carol won’t call for two in No Trump or Low No Trump. She will still call for one or shoot the moon
  • Bid three with right: Carol will bid three in the suit which has a right bower, at least one other trick in that suit and at least one outside Ace.
  • The Mary Anne: Sponsored by The Buckhorn’s who played online every Monday the past two years and were organized by Mary Anne, this feature says that if you have the Ace plus four other cards in that suit, the other Ace should fall.

Sponsor These Player Preferences:

  •  Pass Suit Bid in a Low No Trump Bid: If you call for 1 or 2 in Low No Trump, Carol will pass the jacks in the suit she bid
  • Don’t Pass Opp’s if LowNT: If you call for 1 or 2 Low NT, and Carol lacks Jack/s to pass, Carol will avoid passing cards of suits bid by the opponents
  • Pass Suit Bid if No Trump: If you call for 1 or 2 in No Trump, Carol first passes Aces of the suit she bid
  • Don’t Pass Opp’s if No Trump: If you call 1 or 2 in No Trump and Carol is short acces to pass, she will avoid passing cards of suits bid by opponents
  • Ace+4 = All NT Winners: When considering going it alone on a No Trump bid, if you have a suit with an Ace plus 4 or more cards, Carol will count them all as winners (AKA The Mary Anne!)
  • Jacks + 4 = All LNT Winners: When considering a loner Low NT bid, if a suit has a Jack plus 4 or more cards, Carol will count them all as winners.
  • Who Had What? Option to show what everyone had in their hands after all the tricks are played
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