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How to Play

32 – Card Deck:
The deck has TWO of every Ace, King, Queen and Jack

Each Trick you or your partner wins counts as a point.

Stage One – Bidding:
First bid how many tricks your partnership can make, plus whether you want trumps as Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds or NO Trump. If your partnership bids highest, your partnership must win at least that many tricks or you will be EUCHRED and instead of a positive score, you lose the amount bid.

Stage Two – Playing Cards:
High Bidder leads first trick. If you have a card of that suit you must play it. If you don’t have a card of the suit led you can play a trump to try to win the trick or throw off a card of another suit.

DON’T FORGET – Jack of same color as trump suit is 2nd highest ranked card behind Jack or Trump Suit.

Everyone’s scores are saved and displayed on the Leaderboards. Select Replay-A-Hand to play offline and NOT have scores sent to the Leaderboards.

Suggested bid and cards to play are highlighted in Yellow. This can be turned off via the Right Side Menu.

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