Daily Solo Tournament Schedule


Weekly Opener: Play any time on Monday until 6:40pm ET. Play a minimum of 16 hands to qualify. There is no limit to how many hands you play up to 6:40pm.  Players climb the leaderboard based upon average scores not total scores so there is no maximum hands limit. To see how you are doing, tap Play, then tap the top left menu (three bars)> Leaderboards>Week. You can then decide whether to play more hands. Weekly Opener placement and completion points are added to the season leaderboard at 6:40pm ET every Monday.

Monday Mayhem:  7-8pm ET: Each player gets the same 16 hands.

Tuesday Tournament: 32 hands

Win for Wednesday: Play to win against Carl and Connie. Each round (8 hands) of four that you score higher than the robots, you win a point. You are ranked on rounds won. Ties go to who beat the robots by the most.

Try Again Thursday: Play two rounds (16 hands) with option to reset your leaderboard score and try again if you wish.
Friday Rounds 4 All: Play four rounds against the robots, similar to Wednesday and Saturday. The Twist? Everyone gets the same 32 hands.  

Saturday Shindig: Everyone gets the same 32 hands.

Sunday Weekend Round-up: Play four rounds (32 hands). You are ranked on rounds won. Ties go to who beat the robots by the most. 

Symbols Explained: 

Replay a Hand

See who had what cards, laid out on the table

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