Play in the Gold League

         2023 Trophy Winners

January Winners: Maryilyn (RGB2000), Mike, Beverley and Bernie

February Winners: Cindy (lulu), Maryilyn (RGB2000), Rick, Kathryn (KatScott)

March Winners: Brian (Sipg), Rick, MaryAnn (autogirl), Cathy

April Winners: This month was all about Rick. Rick, Rick, Bernie, Rick

May Winners:

         2022 Trophy Winners

January Winner: Gisele

February Winner: Rick

March Winner: Cathy

April Winner: Rick

Weekly Winners from June

Rick (5)
Cathy (4)
Mary DG (4)
Mike (3)
Bernie (2)
Bev (2)
Gisele (2)
Vince (2)
Best Ed
Dan (Gregory)
Fran (ftkbin)
Mary Anne
Michelle (Flame)
Brian (Sipg)

         2021 Monthly Trophy Winners

January Winner: Paula (Paula07)

February Winner: Dan (Gregory)

March Winner: Dan (Gregory)

April Winner: Brian (Sipg)

May Winner: Mary DG

June Winner: Cathy

July Winner: Mary DG

August Winner: Gisele

September Winner: Bernie

October Winner: Cindy (lulu)

November Winner: Rick

December Winner: Brian (Sipg)

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